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For a couple of years ago I tried out the pomodoro technique and was quite happy with the workflow. Even though it gave good results for work done during my work hours, I found it hard to consistently use the technique over time and eventually stopped using it.

About a year ago I started using Octopress to write a simple log of the work I had done each day. This was really simple to accomplish and I quickly created a morning routine to initialize a new post which I would fill with all the work I finished through the day. The last thing I do before I leave the office is to publish the work log for the current day. Walking out of the office knowing I have finished several tasks simply makes me feel more productive and a lot better.

Instead of pre-planning what I am gonna work with through the day, I just do it!

This is what I think of as the concept of the anti-todo list.

Just do it, and write down what you did.

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