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Why I think Loopring is the future

Why I think Loopring is the future
Photo by Executium / Unsplash

I just finished reading the Loopring whitepaper - Loopring: A Decentralized Token Exchange Protocol

The Loopring protocol sets out to be a foundational layer for decentralized exchange.

What they are writing in the whitepaper, is that Loopring is fundamental building blocks for a new financial market model.

Money, as an intermediate commodity, facilitates or replaces barter exchange and solves the double coincidence of wants problem, whereby two counterparties must desire each other’s distinct good or service.

Contrary to the stock market, Loopring is a fair and open system to trade assets.

Similarly, Loopring protocol aims to dispense of our dependencies on coincidence of wants in trading pairs, by using ring matching to more easily consummate trades.

And as they write themselves.

This is meaningful for how society and markets exchange tokens, traditional assets, and beyond.

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Jamie Larson